Case Studies - MacLinkPlus* by DataViz

The Challenge

bullet Remain a Mac company in a “Windows World”

The Solution

bullet Macs equipped with MacLinkPlus Deluxe

The Benefits

bullet Files – including e-mail attachments – are effortlessly converted or decoded

The deputy executive director of CELSOC, Richard Markuson, manages a staff of eleven and lobbies for trade associations representing engineering companies. CELSOC is a 45 year old, nonprofit association of consulting engineering and land surveying firms. Mr. Markuson runs a “fully Mac office” which requires a capable link to seamlessly interact with other association members, 99 percent of which are Windows based.

The MacLinkPlus Deluxe is the most appropriate application that thoroughly suits any office with mixed platform requirements. MacLinkPlus Deluxe was effortlessly implemented by Mr. Markuson years ago and has continued to be an excellent tool for his file translation needs. From Mac to Windows and back again, files are shared easily. Even his e-mail attachments are decompressed and decoded without hassle.

MacLinkPlus Deluxe’s capability to translate word processing and spreadsheet formats between the Macintosh and Windows platforms is an unmatched advantage. Its decompression and decoding technology for e-mail attachments is a desirable feature that Mr. Markuson’s office can’t do without. When e-mail attachments are sent they often loose their type and creator attributes, making them virtually unusable. But, MacLinkPlus Deluxe restores the type and creator to the files, so they can be recognized and be functional.

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The Challenge:

bullet Create and update websites as efficiently as possible, managing content from many different applications

The Solution:

bullet An iMac with MacLinkPlus Deluxe

The Benefits:

bullet Avoid retyping content from many different sources
bullet Open files quickly and easily

Mr. John Galvin, a leader at Jane Bartnett Communications, a public relations and marketing services firm for the private and non profit sectors, designs and manages company web sites. His long days include getting and posting changes to web sites, creating site and page layouts, compiling sites, and posting drafts on private servers for customers to approve.

After 9PM, when servers are usually quiet, he uploads (via FTP) major site changes onto remote servers. MacLinkPlus Deluxe comes into the picture here, as Mr. Galvin receives text based material which needs to be included on the web sites he designs. As described in his own words, “this is a BIG deal,” because he usually has to translate the files before he can use them on a web page. Mr. Galvin explained that he has never received a document that he could not open without MacLinkPlus Deluxe and that he can make insertions into web pages in less than three minutes. Instead of the time it might take to retype the entire document.

When time is of the essence MacLinkPlus Deluxe has been known to save the day. Having been a Macintosh user for years and spending an average of 10 hours per day on the computer, makes Mr. John Galvin a computer pro who can’t imagine using a Mac without MacLinkPlus Deluxe. In fact, he claims he doesn’t remember ever not having MacLinkPlus Deluxe installed. Mr. Galvin recollects one instance where a major professional sports league had a major PR event taking place at Grand Central Station. The sports league sent out a press release as an e-mail attachment in a format that was compressed and encoded. This format prevented his coworkers from opening the file. The reporters frantically asked Mr. Galvin for his help. After personally receiving the attachment, by using MacLinkPlus Deluxe , it took him all of one minute to translate the file and forward it back to the ever grateful reporters. MacLinkPlus Deluxe came to the rescue again.

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*Graphics and material used by Permission