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#1 Selling File Conversion Utility for Windows
Convert files from your Mac to PC with Conversions Plus. Open, view, print and convert virtually any file no matter where they come from, e.g., Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, ClarisWorks/AppleWorks, etc., preserving their attributes as intended. The Conversions Plus Suite includes Attachment Opener AND MacOpener. Don't get caught with a file you can't open!

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Conversions Plus 6.0 wins Editor's Choice Award!
"... I fell in love with Conversions Plus the first time I used the product."

bullet Includes the features of MacOpener 2000
Access files on Macintosh disks just as if they were files on PC disks - perfect for sharing or moving files between a Macintosh and Windows PC. You can even read Macintosh CD-ROMs on your PC!
bullet Convert and use files that were created in applications you don't have
Conversions Plus can convert files from different word processing, spreadsheet, graphic and database formats, so you can actually open and edit them in your own programs - just as if they were created there. Document formatting such as bold, italics and even embedded graphics are retained, so you don't have to re-type or reformat. Check out our list of what comes through in translation.
bullet Right-Click to quickly view and print files
Some applications take a while to launch, and sometimes just to find out it's the wrong file.  With Conversions Plus, simply right-click, and view the contents of virtually any file, without launching the program that created it. Even view attachments within Microsoft® Outlook™, Outlook Express or Exchange. Just right-click, and you can print, launch or even convert it your file to another format. If you are viewing a graphic file, you even have the ability to select a portion of the graphic to convert rather than the whole image.
bullet Open encoded or compressed files - even problem e-mail attachments
Many files you download from the Internet or receive via e-mail are compressed to save space or encoded during transfer. Conversions Plus can decompress or decode files with a double-click. In addition, Conversions Plus allows you to see the contents of archives. You can then choose one or all of the files to view, convert, etc.
bullet For Businesses, buy licenses in bulk
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