File Conversion - Our Charter was created to fill a need.  Everyone these days works with computers, yet uniformity in file formats is something which has yet to be achieved.  Consequently, file conversion is necessary to promote information exchange, consistency, and portability between users, across enterprises, and throughout organizations which agree that consistency and standards are something to strive for.
Perhaps the most widely used file conversion utility is Adobe Acrobat for creating PDF documents.  Converting your documents to PDF promotes consistency and portability between users, as you create a document that cannot be edited, looks exactly the way you intend it to, and only requires the free Adobe Reader application to view it.  However, there is more to file conversion than the creation of PDF documents.
Document conversion frequently occurs when offices attempt to standardize on a single suite of tools... or cannot afford to do so yet.  Not everyone uses Microsoft Office for instance, and any office that chooses to standardize on Office (or anything else) will need to convert any existing documents that are expected to remain useful... especially if such documents are likely to be changed or updated in the future.  Sometimes just simple viewing may require conversion between document formats, and finding that one tool written for your conversion needs may prove to be a daunting task.  That is why this website was created.  We want to help you find those tools.
Of course, documents are not the only kinds of files that need conversion.  Graphics come in different formats: jpg, gif, bitmap, just to name a few.  There are also different music file formats.  It's easy to find a website that claims to convert what you need... but finding one that actually does (and does it affordably) is another matter.  That is why we are here.
There are several ways in which we can help you find what you need.  Use our search engine to find more targeted results on your search term.  Read Articles posted by experts, including other news postings related to the field.  Review case studies which feature the challenges various organizations and individuals have faced, and the product, tool, or technique that solved their problem.  Participate in our user forum to present your unique challenge or question... or to see if it's been answered already.  Finally, view our Conversion Tools page to see what tools we've found.