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  1. By default, searches are not case-sensitive.

  2. By default, searches match only complete words, which are defined to be separated with non-letters, including white space, numbers, and special characters.

    1. The following would match the word htm: "", "", "...converts htm to rtf".

    2. The following would NOT match the word htm: "", "", "...converts html to rtf...".

  3. By default, search terms are OR'd together.

  4. The following characters are ignored when typed in the search bar: !@#$%^&*()[]\{}|";',.<>

  5. Results are displayed in order of relevance based on how many times each search term appears in the product's information, combined with minimal weighting.

    1. Matching the format field weights higher than matching the description.

    2. Products of equal relevance may be sorted by reciprocal linkage and sponsorship affiliations, but this does not change the relevance per se and will not place it above a less relevant search result.

  6. Use the following prefixes (followed by a colon) to further refine your search:

    1. from - format to decode or translate from.  Example... from:html

    2. to - format to encode or translate to.  Example... to:pdf

    3. int - type of interface.  Examples... to:graphical, to:command-line, to:right-click, to:drag-and-drop, to:printer

    4. ftr - desired feature. Examples... ftr:MAC, ftr:burner, ftr:editor, etc.

  7. Use double quotes to search on phrases.  Examples: "pdf file", ftr:"3rd party"

  8. The following are stop-words: a, an, and, are, as, at, be, but, by, for, from, had, have, her, his, in, is, it, not, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, was, which, with, you.  To have a stop-word considered in your search, include it in a quoted phrase of more than one word. NOTE: from and to have special meaning when followed by a colon (see hint #6 above).

  9. For more refined searches, try our Advanced Search page.  Note that advanced search results will include a textual equivalent to your search in a search form for your convenience.

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