Case Studies - Conversions Plus* by DataViz

The Challenge

bullet Discover a program that will contribute to the sole proprietorship of an accomplished graphic design artist.

The Solution

bullet A PC computer with Conversions Plus and MacOpener program

The Benefits

bullet Ability to work with both PC and Mac formatted files, contributes to the speed and quality of one's work and helps put the company at a competitive advantage over the others in the industry

To enrich and propel her sole proprietorship, Dunleavy Design, an accomplished graphic design artist, counts on her artistic abilities and experience. She also counts on the extensive library of file converters within Conversions Plus for Windows!

Valerie Dunleavy is a freelance designer and calligrapher who is proficient in graphic work for print, multimedia and the web. She's worked in both Ireland and the U.K. for the past twelve years. She uses both Macs and PCs in her business. Clients send her data on media (CD's and floppies) formatted for both platforms. On any given day you can find Valerie quite busy, working on typesetting reports, designing company training manuals, collaborating with commercial printers, traveling to meetings, maintaining her web site, and keeping on top of administrative office duties. Juggling these responsibilities has proved difficult at times especially when files are presented to her in different formats. Having Conversions Plus has "saved [her] bacon a number of times," by giving her the ability to access her clients' files, no matter how they are presented.

Most of Valerie Dunleavy's clients use PCs and most of her service bureaus and printing providers use Macs. Having the ability to easily work with both platforms, gives her an edge over others in the industry. After all, the company who gets the job done right the first time enhances its' own image and gains a competitive advantage. Valerie Dunleavy's attention to detail and initiative to use the best utilities, like Conversions Plus, has helped her firm be the best. Dunleavy Design is equipped with the most current version of Conversions Plus. Recently a photographer gave her a Mac formatted CD of photo images for an important client. The client needed to use these images urgently on her PC. Valerie's Conversions Plus enabled her to be the hero by copying and converting these Mac files on her PC. To this day, Dunleavy Design counts on Conversions Plus all file translation.

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The Challenge:

bullet Find a program that will make Mac formatted files workable on the PC computer to save time and labor costs

The Solution:

bullet A PC computer equipped with Conversions Plus and MacOpener

The Benefits:

bullet Contribute to the process of working with Mac files on the PC computer by making it less time consuming and actually enjoyable
bullet Eliminating the need to outsource certain projects

Windows and Macintosh incompatibility issues are nothing new for anyone who uses a PC and works with the Mac dominated ad agencies and graphic designers. Since graphic design is done primarily on a Mac, in order to access and share files properly, the PC user is left with additional legwork. However, this need not be an issue! Conversions Plus is the perfect utility for a painless migration of a variety of file formats.

Ms. Algeria Bridges, the Marketing Communications Specialist at Emergin, was faced with the Windows and Macintosh incompatibility dilemma more than once in the past. Emergin designs, develops, sells and supports software products for corporations seeking to dispatch and retrieve information from and to mobile devices. Ms. Bridges wears many "hats" at her company, the market research hat, the copy writing hat, the marketing coordination hat, and desktop publishing hat, to name a few. Ms. Bridges regularly needs to copy files to Mac disks, read Mac CD-ROM's on the PC, and convert graphic files.

Conversions Plus's powerful features quickly and easily handle her requirements. These features help make Algeria Bridges more productive. There is no longer any need to ask for files to be saved in a particular way on PC formatted disks. There is considerably less time misspent on going back and forth to open files.

Nowadays, Ms. Bridges seamlessly uses Mac files sent from different ad agencies right on her PC. She has even been able to keep graphic work in-house, whereas before she had to out source these jobs. Ms. Bridges used to cross her fingers and hope that the files she received were created in the same application that she was using, and that she would be able to open the files. Having Conversions Plus substantially reduces this type of hit or miss compatibility.

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*Graphics and material used by Permission